We support all operating systems and almost all computer related devices. What we don’t know we will research or ask someone who does. If we cannot fix it you don’t pay.

Understandable explanations will be given throughout the support process. If you have a question please ask!

If you have a computer that is not booting up most of the time we can get data off the hard drive before we start to fix it. If you’re hard drive needs to be sent off because it has physical damage we will suggest a company.

We will try to get the best (within your price range) replacement part for your computer. If you need access to a computer whilst we mend yours we have a spare that we can swap over so you can at least go online.

If your computer needs viruses and spyware removed we will back your data up and then clean your machine. After your computer is clean we will install any updates that may be available.

If you want a custom website designed we can with your input and ideas make one to your satisfaction. A website design contract will be drawn up which will state roughly how many hours this will take and what the service entails. There may be ongoing costs such as website hosting and domain name that will have to be paid annually.

If you have brought a new laptop/ computer we can transfer the data from your old one and setup any e-mail accounts / phones that you have.

Please use the contact details below to get in touch.

Contact Me
Phone: 020 8123 0452

Twitter: @networkeasy
Skype: john.j.edmondson